Companion Site: creating from the inside…out

Hello Readers!

There’s good news and bad news…no that’s not right. There’s AWESOME news and practical news to share today!

I’m happy to announce that I’ve added a companion blog to my blog-riffic adventures. It is called: creating from the inside…out. It will feature my artwork, creative process, and visual/image related posts. Throw in a side of brief reflection…and voila! We have ourselves a companion blog. Woot! Woot! (AWESOME)

(Practical) I have made this companion site “private”; which means you need to be ‘invited’ to access this blog. In order to join me on my aesthetic adventurous side…I’ll need you to write me a comment for this post with your NAME and E-MAIL. Don’t worry…I moderate the comments so none of your e-mail/personal information will be posted on my live site. With that, I’ll be able to send you an invitation to be a creating… reader.

“Why is she doing this?” My blogging is real, it speaks my truth…even on hard subjects. I blog with integrity. I’ve chosen my words, thoughts, ideas, experiences published on this blog to be public for the world to see. Artwork/creative process takes on another demension…art can be expressive of a moment in time, a fleeting thought, an arduous struggle, or a life-long joy. Creative process is also left to the interpretation of the viewer. I believe in order to be free to share some of my more vulnerable images, I need to moderate this section differently.

All are welcome…long time readers, new readers, friends I know and love, and even barista readers! I just ask that you identify yourself to me in order to protect some of my most precious images…from my insides…out.

12 thoughts on “Companion Site: creating from the inside…out

  1. Hi Katy, I’d love to follow your blog. Your words speak to me and I love the fact that you are always seeking truth and growth. Love you and miss you.

  2. Katy,
    Glad you started to blog again! Integrity! ALways….You are so honest and have really appreciated your other Blogs..This one is EVEN BETTER! Ever, ever on-ward!

  3. From Barista!…..Hey Katy, I feel like you gave me a personal invite! I would love to follow your new blog. I appreciate your views and honesty regarding the hard stuff many of us deal with. Can you count me in?!?…..

  4. Hi Katy,
    I have been reading your blog on and off for several years and walk away with something every time I do. Many of my take-aways have been related to your openness with your spirituality. I give you so much credit for this, mostly because, although I wish it were different, I find it so hard to be that way in my own life. My creative geek side enjoys the different mediums you use to share your message, and the intellectual in me enjoys the questions you pose. All of this has led to many conversations these past few years that started out, “Today, on Katy’s blog, she mentioned . . .”

    I’ll admit to not having read your blog in about a year, and then on Saturday, your blog popped into my mind and I went to it and saw the changes in your life. My prayers are with you during this time of transition.

    If possible, I’d like to be able to follow your new blog.

  5. Hi Katy: My apologies. I botched things up. You sent me an invite to your new blog, but then I created an account with WordPress and changed my user name, so the invite no longer works. It uses the same email address. If I promise to post comments that have enormous depth and are peppered with sharp wit, would you be willing to send a new invite to my new user name?

    • Of course! As long as your comments are not hurtful to me or any other element of creation…you’re welcome! I’m curious…you mentioned you’ve been a faithful reader for years…how did you find me?

      • Gosh. They would never be hurtful to you or the process. That’s just not how I am. I write for my day job and creatively and have been in several writing groups over the years for the creative stuff. Am familiar with how to approach. The writing groups tie into your question. Several people in one of my groups either interviewed you or worked with you while doing some volunteer work. They had such wonderful things to say about you, so I had to see for myself. Or, I guess, to be more accurate, read for myself.

      • I didn’t think you would! That’s nice to hear that people had nice things to say! I’m glad you got on board with my multiple blog adventures. Peace, Katy

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