real.truth.experience.joy–that’s what i’m about.  i was recently on a retreat; my directress suggested i create a “threadline” for which to live my life.  providing me with simple criteria for with what i put energy toward, what matters, what is worth it.

you can anticipate my blog writings to relate to at least one of my core principles: real.truth.experience.joy. my threadline, the way i’d like to live my life.

i’m passionate and a seeker.  i can be intense and yet eager and joy-filled. i’m high achieving, somewhat OC, and a perfectionist (it’s killing me to type in all lowercase!)


my enneagram: 7/8

i’m a woman just trying to figure it all out, have some fun along the way, and maybe inspire others.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Happy Birthday Katy! I love reading your blog it is very inspirational and faithful. I love how you are connected to God! Happy Birthday!
    Magic Pants

  2. Hi Katy,

    Not sure if you are still actively blogging but I am interested in talking to you – is there a way I can private message you?


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