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creating from the inside…out

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“First Flight”

experience.  arts.  respect.  motivation.  leadership.  self.  risks.  confidence.  diversity.  creativity.  fun.  focus.  passion…

These are just a few of the many words which appear on the base of my uncle, Richard Taylor’s, sculpture: “First Flight”.  His sculpture was commissioned to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the First Stage Children’s Theatre in Milwaukee, WI.  The words were taken from testimonials written by the First Stage alums regarding their experiences of First Stage; some of the inspiration for Richard in the sculpture creation. 

First off…I’m incredibly proud of my uncle–he is a gifted artist really living out (I would say, “call”) his passion and talent to provide others with more beauty, serenity, peacefulness, and reflection all through his aesthetic media.  His art pieces are always accompanied by thoughtful and deep artist statements which allow (at least for me) people to take in the piece of art while inviting he/she to probe themselves to find a deeper meaning. 

Richard describes this piece saying:

…The sculpture soars with confidence, is diversified in its many shapes yet finds strength in their unity.  It proudly assumes a posture of leadership while it upholds values.  It is respectful of its surroundings while it passes on these life experiences to all who have found them…I have sought to compose a sculpture embodying the spirit of achievement and pride inherent in these tributes…”

 I so appreciate my uncle for these invitations. He is a model of humility, thoughtfulness, and passion to me. Way to go, uncle Dickie! 

On my way home from the dedication, a plethora of bloggable thinking invaded my drive home…the title of the piece, the descriptor, the words of inspiration…on and on.  Not only does this piece have special meaning to me because of my uncle and the reflective element of its meaning…it really spoke to me of my journey too.

First flights…what does it take for someone (somethings…i.e. birds?) to prepare for his/her first flight?  What supports does one need?  What unplanned events (yuck!) occur?  Where is the learning?  What are the outcomes?  (For those of you who are now rolling your eyes because I said “learning” and “outcomes” it’s ok…those are just as integrated within me as red blood cells and neurotransmitters)

You know what I came up with? (With a little help of course!)

experience. arts. respect. motivation. leadership. self. risks. confidence. diversity. creativity. fun. focus. passion…

It seems like I’m having first flights more often that I’d like lately.  However, I look at that testimonial list and I am inspired, motivated, joyful…  I don’t feel the sometimes present: stress, fear, dare I say…hurt and anguish which can accompany a flight or transition one does not wish to take.  Nope…no ma’am!  I get excited!  I am ready to jump/fly/swim/jig/…!  Bring it on world!

So how can I cultivate the positivity in reminding myself that there is the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel” while still acknowledging and owning the yucky stuff that is very much real, but not meant to stifle? 

I don’t have the answer to that…yet! (Ha!) However, I think it lies somewhere between “soaring with confidence”, allowing yourself to take “shape”, while “finding strength in unity” …throw in a little passion, fun, focus…and allow myself to be a part of the beauty that can be created with flight.  

Thanks, Uncle Dickie, for this thoughtful piece of art and the opportunity to continue to be inspired by and learn from you.

Companion Site: creating from the inside…out

Hello Readers!

There’s good news and bad news…no that’s not right. There’s AWESOME news and practical news to share today!

I’m happy to announce that I’ve added a companion blog to my blog-riffic adventures. It is called: creating from the inside…out. It will feature my artwork, creative process, and visual/image related posts. Throw in a side of brief reflection…and voila! We have ourselves a companion blog. Woot! Woot! (AWESOME)

(Practical) I have made this companion site “private”; which means you need to be ‘invited’ to access this blog. In order to join me on my aesthetic adventurous side…I’ll need you to write me a comment for this post with your NAME and E-MAIL. Don’t worry…I moderate the comments so none of your e-mail/personal information will be posted on my live site. With that, I’ll be able to send you an invitation to be a creating… reader.

“Why is she doing this?” My blogging is real, it speaks my truth…even on hard subjects. I blog with integrity. I’ve chosen my words, thoughts, ideas, experiences published on this blog to be public for the world to see. Artwork/creative process takes on another demension…art can be expressive of a moment in time, a fleeting thought, an arduous struggle, or a life-long joy. Creative process is also left to the interpretation of the viewer. I believe in order to be free to share some of my more vulnerable images, I need to moderate this section differently.

All are welcome…long time readers, new readers, friends I know and love, and even barista readers! I just ask that you identify yourself to me in order to protect some of my most precious images…from my insides…out.