Doodling, Collaging, and Listening


Zen Doodle 3 2/16/13

I’ve decided to do 2 practices during Lent this year: ZenDoodling (Yes this is a real thing) as a daily practice:


Zen Doodle 1 2/14/13





And SoulCollage (also a real thing) with a twist. In Soul Collaging…it’s an intuitive creative process. Meaning, you don’t sit down and say, “Wow…I’m going to collage a tiger biting off my head as I fall toward a big bowl of jello” and then go find those images. You collect, peruse, select, etc images that seem to grab your attention and put them together, even if they don’t “make sense”. What emerges is always a very powerful surprise for me; it’s almost as if the card speaks to me in a language only my insides, my being can interpret.

The twist…I’m going to do a SoulCollage after sitting with Sunday readings during Lent. I’m not planning out which one or what agenda I want this collage to have (this only happens once in a while to me…ok maybe all the time)…just sit with the readings and let something grab me. A line, a phrase, word, image, reading…etc. Then, using that reflection create a SoulCollage…but not sacrificing the intuitive part. Making any sense?

Why am I doing this? I’m glad you asked! I decided that what I need is some time to listen, really listen. I know how to take space and be quiet, but I don’t know how to shut my mind off…or screens off for that matter. Pinterest is very quiet…but I’m aware that I use that, FB, trolling Craigs List, etc etc etc…to numb out rather than be aware, mindful perhaps in the silence.

For me, creative process has always been a way to let myself become silent and listen. I don’t hear words, demands, messages, signs…but my depth can be reached in images. I open myself to the spirit and let her guide me through a process and it’s amazing what images say to me.

So…how this will work on the Bloggy Blog…I will post the reading I sat with and a picture of my SoulCollage card on this blog. I will post the card and my personal reflection on Creating From the Inside…Out. This blog is “by invitation only”, just to keep myself/reflections secure…I’d like to at least know who is reading. Any/All are welcome…just please message me, comment on a post, etc with your e-mail address and I’ll give you access immediately!

Peace to you these 40 days…I’ll be reveling in the silence and discovering what might speak to me…


Psalm 91–Be with me Lord, when I’m in trouble, be with me Lord I pray




Companion Site: creating from the inside…out

Hello Readers!

There’s good news and bad news…no that’s not right. There’s AWESOME news and practical news to share today!

I’m happy to announce that I’ve added a companion blog to my blog-riffic adventures. It is called: creating from the inside…out. It will feature my artwork, creative process, and visual/image related posts. Throw in a side of brief reflection…and voila! We have ourselves a companion blog. Woot! Woot! (AWESOME)

(Practical) I have made this companion site “private”; which means you need to be ‘invited’ to access this blog. In order to join me on my aesthetic adventurous side…I’ll need you to write me a comment for this post with your NAME and E-MAIL. Don’t worry…I moderate the comments so none of your e-mail/personal information will be posted on my live site. With that, I’ll be able to send you an invitation to be a creating… reader.

“Why is she doing this?” My blogging is real, it speaks my truth…even on hard subjects. I blog with integrity. I’ve chosen my words, thoughts, ideas, experiences published on this blog to be public for the world to see. Artwork/creative process takes on another demension…art can be expressive of a moment in time, a fleeting thought, an arduous struggle, or a life-long joy. Creative process is also left to the interpretation of the viewer. I believe in order to be free to share some of my more vulnerable images, I need to moderate this section differently.

All are welcome…long time readers, new readers, friends I know and love, and even barista readers! I just ask that you identify yourself to me in order to protect some of my most precious images…from my insides…out.