Out of Retirement–the Virgin Post

Welcome to from my inside…out!

I recently retired from writing a blog I had (www.onefunnunslife.blogspot.com) since 2007.  The blog began entitled: Religious Life Rocks…The Adventures of One Fun Nun and then shifted in 2010 to Inner Excavation: Journey of I AM.  I began writing to give an account of what it was like to be a 20-something nun in today’s world. 

My life’s path has shifted; thus, the blog needed to also, so I retired.  Thanks so my loyal and faithful reader’s lamenting…I’ve decided to start fresh and try it again!  Here it goes…

What can you expect from my inside…out?

As my tag line indicates: real. truth. experience. joy.; really…this is it.  I’ll share what I think and what I experience…the good the bad and the ugly.  It is real, for me…all of the writing is from my perspective, from my inner truths…out.  I nor this blog are affiliated with any organization…it’s just me. J

It’s always my goal to post at least 2 times per month…sometimes it’s more frequently, sometimes I just can’t get there.

I truly hope you enjoy from my inside out…and that you find it to be a source of interest, inspiration, and who knows?